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   Skilled Regional 491Visa 




491 Visa for Skilled Workers

491 visa is a temporary, regionally sponsored visa. Its main difference is that the visa holder can reside only in regional Australia. 491 visa subclass allows migrating to all Australia's regions except Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. 

You can apply as an independent applicant, or  be nominated

- by a State or Territory government, or

- by a family member residing in a designated regional area


Please note that each region has its list of professions, requirements, and list of additional documents. 

During this 3 year period, not be permitted to apply for the following visas:

    - Distinguished Talent (124 and 858),
    - Business Talent (132),
    - Employer Nomination (186),
    - Business Innovation & Investment (188), Skilled Independent (189), Skilled Nominated (190), and Partner (Temporary) (820).


Professional consultants at Headways Immigration know all the nuances and can help you get the desired 491 visa in the shortest possible time.


491 Visa Staying Conditions

This visa is temporary and is issued for five years. There is no possibility to extend 491 visa subclass, but if you meet certain conditions, you can even become a resident in future. For a successful outcome, you must comply with the following requirements: 

- live and work and study for three years in the regional area.



Travel Benefits

There are no restrictions regarding traveling when choosing a 491 visa. Thus, even if you get a 491 visa in South Australia, for instance, you can visit any place in the whole country.


Other Factors


Processing of applications takes from 2.5 to 20 months. Usually, our clients get it within the first six months.